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Give Your Business the Best Chance at Success With Our Finance Solutions

Here at Customer Credit Finance, we know exactly what small businesses need in order to succeed. Even the most motivated and hard-working business owners need a reliable source of financing, especially when they are just getting started. Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer financial solutions that cannot always be found at standard lending institutions. With years of experience providing business loans to companies of all types, we have earned our place at the forefront of the commercial finance industry.

No Business Is Too Small or Too Large

No matter how large or how small your business is, our commercial financing and lending experts have the resources and experience that you and your business need to grow. We are also well experienced with assisting businesses that have just opened their doors as well as those that have been open for several decades. Our certified financing experts are also always at the forefront of the most current industry practices and have amassed a substantial portfolio of financial products designed to get you the funding you need as soon as you need it.

Grow Your Business with Customer Credit Finance

Customer Credit Finance offers strategic financial consulting for businesses in all 50 States. Our service is consultation to small to medium size business owners. We offer resources for both businesses and their customers where financing is needed. Our programs offered include Business Loans, Consumer Loan Programs, Merchant Services, Payroll/PEO Services, Tax Benefit Plans, and more.

Our Financial Strategists will help you with an Assessment of your business and provide you the information, knowledge, and the access to products and services which will help you grow and strengthen your company.

Through Customer Credit Finance, you will have access to over 3,600 lenders for business for small business loans and commercial loans. Business owners use Customer Credit Finance to find commercial loans to buy businesses, investment real estate, refinance commercial real estate, working capital, and any number of other loan purposes. Through our state-of-the-art loan services program, you have access to a lending marketplace which helps businesses secure commercial loans in the most efficient, profitable way for both the borrower and the bank. Commercial lending carries with it a complexity much greater than home mortgage lending.

Customer Credit Finance simplifies the processes by helping you prepare a commercial financing request with the required documents that go with a commercial loan package.

Our strategic alliances with other national partners gives you access best pricing. Find out more. Explore our site and call us, today!


Accounts Receivable Financing

Businesses that can benefit from this product include any that have customers who pay for services or products in 30 or more days.

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Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Here at Customer Credit Finance, we offer bridge loans that are designed to fill in the financial gap while you wait for permanent funding to go through.

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Commercial Real Estate Financing

We specialize in providing real estate loans for owner-occupied commercial properties as well as investment properties. Due to our nearly unlimited sources of capital, we have the capability to fund your deal regardless of its size.

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Contract Financing

Many businesses prefer the option of being given a large sum of money all at once rather than receiving money in small increments over time.

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Equipment Leasing

If your business needs one or more pieces of equipment but you don’t want to pay for it all up-front, our equipment leasing program may be the ideal solution for your needs.

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Franchise Financing

Our franchise financing experts can secure you with quick pre-qualification for your loan. Seeing as you have a business to run, you can also count on us to never waste a second of your precious time.

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Medical Financing

Customer Credit Finance is familiar with providing debt consolidation, working capital, equipment financing, improvement loans and expansion loans to a number of healthcare and medical professionals, including chiropractors, dentists, doctors and veterinarians.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Many of our customers have found our cash advance program to be a preferable option compared to traditional small business loans. Your funds against all future credit card sales are usually available within a week or less.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

If the next objective on your list is to buy up a company but you don’t yet have the financial resources necessary to accomplish your goals, reach out to Customer Credit Finance.

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Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital

With a proven track record like ours, you can easily add joint venture and equity capital to your business structure. What makes us so adept at introducing this type of capital is that we’ve formed a number of strategic business partnerships, and we have an abundance of experience in private equity finance.

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Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Stated income loans are ideal for business owners who desire to purchase or refinance commercial real estate. Customer Credit Finance is here to help you expand your business capabilities as efficiently as possible.

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Purchase Order Financing

Many people who venture into establishing their very own businesses are quite business-savvy. Selling pre-sold merchandise is a great way to build up your profits. It’s not necessarily the selling of that merchandise that is the problem, however; it’s the procurement.

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SBA Loans

Getting your business off the ground can be tough without the right sources for adequate financing. Customer Credit Finance offers small business loan options for most businesses that can help you get your money quickly. Our efficient process gets money in your hands faster.

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Structured Settlements and Annuity Financing

No matter what the reason for your annuity or settlement check may be, we at Customer Credit Finance understand that situations crop up that require more cash than what you receive with your regular payment.

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Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

There are many risks involved with opening up a business and establishing a business line of credit. Often, this means putting up some sort of collateral, such as a property or vehicle, in case your financing fails for some reason.

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Need Financing For Your Business?

Gain quick access to our list of commercial finance products now.

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Small Business Loans

Capital to grow your business for advertising building inventory, paying expenses, or start-up costs. Access many banks with one application.

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Consumer Financing

Offer Customers access to funding from $500 – $100k to purchase your services with minimal fees.

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Payroll Services

Reduce administrative burden associated with payroll, HR, and Employee Benefits.

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Merchant Services

Accept electronic payments and reduce costs with a customized program.

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