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Consumer Financing

Offer Your Customers More Options Using Consumer Finance

Customer Credit Finance has relationships with several national lenders for “consumer financing” and will help customize a program which best suits your business-type and needs.  Niche marketing is common among lenders.  Some prefer to work within a certain industry segment; i.e. Home Improvement, Medical, Education, Memberships, Travel, Vehicles, Boats, RVs, and other.  And, some work with only Good/Excellent credit risks.  Others have a business model to fund substandard risks.  At Customer Credit Finance, we match the right lender to your business and will often be able to customize a program to reach all credit risks.  Our first step to providing you with more tools for building profits through customer financing is to have a consultation, on-line and by phone.  We connect you directly with the lenders and you will get the best rates available for both your customer and your own business.  At times, we have been able to negotiate “discounts” as low as -0-.  Let’s meet, today, and let your business begin saving and making money through our customer finance programs.

At Customer Credit Finance, we know that one of the hardest things to do in business is to turn away a customer who is willing to pay, but cannot make a full payment for some reason. Having flexible financing options for your customers is the perfect way to increase your bottom line and make sure you don’t miss out on any sales. We offer a variety of consumer finance options to help you help your customers.

consumer-financingProgram Highlights

Our program provides flexible terms to allow you to meet the needs of a variety of customers, including:

  • Loan Size $500 – $100K
  • Financing customers with FICO scores down to 580
  • Access to creative programs such as six months same as cash
  • E-signatures
  • Instant processing and approval
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • Direct contract with lenders
  • Terms up to 120 months
  • Lowest Discount Rates

We can also purchase existing loan portfolios, bad debt portfolios, retail installment contracts and revolving credit agreements. This unique approach is particularly useful for industries providing products or services for under $10,000. 

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes meet the needs of their customers. We work with a variety of industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Jewelry
  • Travel
  • Furniture
  • Retail
  • And more

Our skilled financial professionals can also help you find flexible solutions quickly so you don’t miss out on potential sales.

Get Started Today

When you’re looking for experience in the financial industry, come to Customer Credit Finance for your consumer finance needs. If you’re looking to help your customers make bigger purchases, we want to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rates and length of term for my customers?

APR, or Annual Percentage Rates vary on many different factors. Credit rating is the most common consideration discussed.

Lenders look at the total risk of the loan; i.e. your debt-to-income, ability to repay, amount of request, length of term, and more. With lenders in our system, we see rates between 1.99% – 35% based on credit risk and term.

Concerning the length of term, loans may range from 3 months to 120 months with our lenders. Length of term will vary by lender, amounts requested, and credit risks.

Loan amounts will also vary from $500 to $100,000 for unsecured credit.

Promotions for -0- Interest Credit are available.

Do you offer -0- Interest Loans options to borrowers?


We can customize programs for your business and show you how to
effectively use the -0- Interest programs. Note, we will also work with
you to better understand when NOT to use the -0- Interest programs.
Often, businesses cannibalize their “cash” sales by aggressively
marketing -0- Interest programs. We believe, for most businesses
and the consumer, “cash” is the least expensive method of payment.
We will show you how to position your business to take advantage of
the consumer finance programs and have them work for you instead
of you working to pay extra fees on sales you would have obtained
without them.

Consumer financing should increase both your savings and revenues
when used most efficiently.

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