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Franchise Financing

Secure Full Funding for Your Business

Look no further than Customer Credit Finance if you’re in need of a personalized financing option for buying up commercial real estate, acquisitions, refinancing, brand new construction or commercial remodels. Our franchise financing experts can secure you with quick pre-qualification for your loan. Seeing as you have a business to run, you can also count on us to never waste a second of your precious time.


Features of Our Financing Program

franchise-financingWe realize we aren’t the only financial institution offering franchise financing, which is why our commercial lending professionals go to every conceivable length to get you the best financing option possible. With our franchise program you’ll enjoy a loan-to-value ratio of up to 90% in addition to extra cash for liquid capital. We also offer interest rates as low as six percent.

To help you focus more on your business, we feature quick closings and commitments for our commercial loans. We’re also familiar with working with first time business owners. Additional benefits of our franchise program include up to 25 year terms and no pre-payment penalties for you to worry about, making it easier for you to pay back your business loan on your terms.

Customer Credit Finance is here to help take your business beyond your wildest dreams. Contact us and let’s discuss the future of your business and set you up with a customized financing solution.

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