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Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital

Add Equity and Joint Venture Capital to Your Business Equation

With a proven track record like ours, you can easily add joint venture and equity capital to your business structure. What makes us so adept at introducing this type of capital is that we’ve formed a number of strategic business partnerships, and we have an abundance of experience in private equity finance. Examples of some of our specialty areas include:

  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Management buyouts
  • Leverage buyouts
  • Corporate divestures

If makes no difference the industry or business you’d like to merge with or acquire, we’re more than confident we’ve got the level of experience you require.


private-equityPoints of Investment

Before we move forward with an investment, we first look for a few specific factors. For the benefit of all parties involved in the deal, there should be a competent and experienced management team in place. We also look for signs of significant revenue creation as well as growth potential.

It makes no difference how much energy, time or resources are devoted to preparing for an investment, there are some situations where no amount of effort can keep a deal from falling through. For that reason, we prefer for there to be a well thought out exit strategy in place that ensures you emerge from the deal with just as much as you originally put into the deal.

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