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Purchase Order Financing

Affording Your Pre-Sold Merchandise With Purchase Order Financing

Many people who venture into establishing their very own businesses are quite business-savvy. Selling pre-sold merchandise is a great way to build up your profits. It’s not necessarily the selling of that merchandise that is the problem, however; it’s the procurement. Customer Credit Finance offers purchase order financing to help you with the domestic production, export or import of your pre-sold products.

purchase-order-financingAdvantages to Our Purchase Order Financing Program

You already know that running your own business carries with it a certain amount of risk. If all you are doing is accruing debt through loan after loan, it can be difficult to dig yourself out to a place where you’re staying in the black more often than you’re in the red. With our program, you enjoy:

  • Growing without increasing debt or losing equity
  • Delivering merchandise on time to your customers
  • Increasing your market share
  • Fulfilling larger orders, leading to larger profits
  • Accessing flexible, quick funding options

The Customer Credit Finance Difference

We have years of expertise helping businesses to finance their purchase orders. We can help with domestic trade purchases, imports and exports, and even assist with work-in-process and Letters of Credit. It doesn’t matter if you’re having trouble accessing capital, have little to no cash flow or if you’re a startup business; we can help. 

Let Us Help

If you’re looking to procure pre-sold merchandise, contact Customer Credit Finance about our purchase order financing program. We want to help you.

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