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Referral Program

Get the Compensation You Deserve With Our Referral and Broker Program

When customers are looking for experienced financial help, they often turn to brokers or referrals to guide them toward the right resources. At Customer Credit Finance, we understand that brokers work hard to get their customers what they want. The work is not always easy, but it has the potential to be rewarding. That’s why we invite referrals and brokers to try out transactions with us through our referral and broker program. Not only do we often have the means to provide your clients with the financing they desire, but we pay out top commission and referral fees for the transactions we end up funding.

We Care for Our Referrals and Brokers

You work hard to earn commission on all of your transactions, which is why we do everything in our power to pay you what you deserve and keep you in business. We value the relationships that we build with our referrals and brokers. You are protected when you work with us because you are one of us.

Keep Your Clients

One of the greatest parts of working with us is that you can trust that your clients remain yours. Sure, we might need to work directly with them if we fund a larger transaction, but we always send them back to you in the end. We want to protect our relationship with you, so we’ll also preserve your relationships with your clients, even if they seek us out later.

A Lucrative Opportunity

Are you ready to join a growing and nationally recognized financial business? We want you on our team! When you join us, you get such benefits as:

  • Working with an employer with immense lending resources and capabilities
  • Larger commission payouts on your work
  • Teaming up with skilled financial professionals
  • Working from anywhere with our financing tools and identity presence 

Come Join Us!

We are always on the lookout for experienced brokers and referrals who are motivated and hard-working. For more information regarding our referral and broker program and current available positions, contact Customer Credit Finance today.